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Carl Brister first came to national attention when his works were featured on NBC, BET, Pandora, Music Choice, Spotify, and more. He describes his sound as “Free Music” that combines elements of Soul, R&B, Pop, and Dance in a retro fusion that takes you back while moving you forward.  “I write music that makes you laugh, smile, and think,” Carl explains. “There’s always a feel-good element to my music. What makes you feel better than love? Everything begins and ends with “L.O.V.E.“ It’s what we all need!”

Carl is the CEO and founder of Music Village and uses music & his platform to bring people together to help get his message of love, unity, understanding, and togetherness.

Carl’s single, “L.O.V.E.” continues to soar globally and his beautiful, thought provoking new single "TRAMA" releases 4/22/22!  Carl's voice is a stabilizing force in our ever changing world. Enjoy Carl's eclectic musical journey always filled with LOVE at it's core! 

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