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Lyricist/Spoken Word Artist Ndayisaba Simoni is simply known by his regal last name "SIMONI"!  Born in Tanzania, East Africa...Simoni came to the USA at 10 years of age, learned the English language, matriculated through school, holds a Degree in Audio Engineering & Music Production, and is a very respected Audio Engineer/Music Producer!


Proudly, Simoni's single "I REMEMBER" featuring Jules Marie received the honored nomination of "2022 BEST POP SINGLE GLOBALLY" from Josie Music Awards. Although Simoni grew up in the streets he feels blessed to have made it out. He also uses his platform to be a Motivational Speaker encouraging others they can make it out as well if they really want to.


Simoni teamed up with Multi Award winning Producer Andrew Chervak to create his unique sound for his debut EP - powerfully entitled "SIMONI" featuring lyrical masterpieces that draw you in, make you think, and most of all has you bobbing your head and moving from side to side. Ever versatile - Simoni released his festive Holiday single entitled "MERRY CHRISTMAS"!  Both musical offerings can be found everywhere music is found. Simoni has so much more in store for you and your listening ears...GET READY AND STRAP ON YOUR SEATBELTS!

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