With his opening EP, OUR DARKEST PLACES, Cory Goodhope, also known as “Cloudy”, writes from a place of pain and self-awareness. He blends R&B, Hip Hop, and Pop elements with meaningful lyrics and direct storytelling to capture listeners attention. Fresh perspectives are important in the industry and Cory delivers.  Cory, the youngest of seven siblings all raised with a religious background, brings an ability to celebrate the highlights of life with understanding of necessary lows. “There are days where it’s difficult to smile, and that's perfectly ok. We all go through hard parts and happy parts; the important thing is to go through and experience them instead of avoiding them.”  


"I started writing music as a kid. I want to use my gifts to bring people happiness and peace. Whether it’s an upbeat party song or just a total vibe, I hope that whoever listens to my music will feel that there is hope for them, even at the darkest points of their lives." If you would like to learn more about Mr. Goodhope, please visit his social media!

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